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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ledger Outstandings - Bill-wise format - Part 2

This is further to my earlier post relating to exporting Ledger Outstanding - Bill-wise report.

Even though we export (Alt+E) the data in detailed format, the xml output (LedBills.xml) does not contain the details of the Bill Vouchers part i.e.Voucher type, Voucher number etc.

Here's the TDL code to get the correct xml output for Ledger Outstandings in Bill-wise format. i.e. LedVch Outstandings with details of the Bill Vouchers part also
[#Line: BILL Detail]
    Delete  : Explode : BILL Vouchers
    Add  : Explode : BILL Vouchers : ($$KeyExplode OR ##ExplodeFlag)

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