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Monday, January 14, 2008

RTSlink DLL completes one year

First Anniversary of RTSlink DLL

It has been one year since RTSlink DLL was launched.

Many things have changed since then. In the initial days (when RTSlink DLL was launched), very few people were aware of "Tally Integration". In fact, the Tally Integration and Tally Customization activities were restricted to small community of Tally professionals.

RTSlink DLL was launched in January 2007. The next task at hand was to provide support to various Software professionals using different programming languages like Visual Basic; Visual Foxpro; C; C++; Visual C++; C#, Delphi, VB.NET, ASP.NET etc. After sometime, the need for TDL coding aroused. This was due to limitations in several Tally reports as data was to be retrieved programmatically. And this led to the birth of tdlplayground, wherein sample TDL programs were put-up for Tally lovers, free-of-cost. I remember asking some Tally professionals about adding one or two new fields in Tally. And the cost ranged from Rs 5000/- to Rs 7000/- for merely adding one or two fields. Subsequently, several TDL programs were put up at tdlplayground and some programs like TDL code for Recycle-bin became quite popular.

Our clients include from Individual programmers to Public Limited Companies. Here's are some of our clients (randomly selected from our software registration database).

Initially, some concerns were raised about the Product and the support services that we provide. It took lot's of efforts in convincing what RTSlink DLL is and how it works. Our target was to provide support services/solutions within 24 to 48 hrs. Though this may appear to be normal and nothing extra-ordinary, those who have provided support-services to Software professionals may be well-aware what it takes to write / code programs in such short timings. The average time has been less than 24 hrs.

And here we are. As of now, we have :-
a) Over 10,000 installations.
b) Over 100 articles about using RTSlink DLL for Tally Integration at our blog-site.
c) Sample Tally XML tags for most of the important Tally Reports.

Tally Integration made easy
Recently, we have launched udi-Magic [Professional] that allows users to retrieve data from almost any external database like MySQL, MS-Access, DBFs, SQL Server and others and send it directly to Tally Software. And all this happens by merely writing few SQL-SELECT statements and XML tags.

We thank all our Customers who have reposed faith in us.


Shweta Computers is pleased to offer Additional Licenses for RTSlink DLL on this occasion to all those who purchase RTSlink DLL from 14-1-2008 to 21-1-2008. Offer available to New and Old Customers. Contact Shweta Computers now.

Best wishes to all for 2008. Best wishes for Makar Sankranti.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

SQL Server to Tally Software

Tally Integration made Easy

New Release 1.3
udi-Magic v3.0 Release 1.3 [Professional] allows you to transfer data directly from MS SQL Server to Tally Accounting Software using few SQL-SELECT statements and XML tags.

Supports all versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

Click here for more details on MS SQL Server to Tally

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

XBase (DBF) to Tally Software

Tally Integration made Easy

New Release 1.2
udi-Magic v3.0 Release 1.2 [Professional] allows you to transfer data directly from XBase (DBF) files to Tally Accounting Software using few SQL-SELECT statements and XML tags.

a) DBase
b) Fox 2.x
c) Visual Foxpro DBFs and DBC files
d) Other XBase file formats.

Click here for more details on XBase (DBF) to Tally