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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tally 9 vs Tally 7.2 XML tags

FAQs: Tally 9 XML tags

Can we use the Tally 7.2 XML tags with Tally 9 also ?

Yes. Most of the Tally 7.2 XML tags work with Tally 9, except for few minor changes required in certain cases.

We generally refer the Tally 7.2 tags format which can be used with both Tally 7.2 and Tally 9. However, there are certain cases wherein the tags differ and you need to use the appropriate tag. One of such cases is given underneath:-

UNIT Master XML tags (for Tally 7.2)


UNIT Master XML tags (for Tally 9)


Notice that the tag for "Formal Name" is ORIGINALSYMBOL in Tally 7.2 and ORIGINALNAME in Tally 9. A workaround is to use both the TAGs in your code which would then work with Tally 7.2 as well as Tall y9.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ignore Duplicates option does not work when two or more companies are opened

While working on this feature we noticed that the Ignore Duplicate option does NOT work when 2 (two) or more companies are open. It works only if a single Company is open. Let us try to understanding what we are talking about.


We created a Company name "Company A" and added 2 Ledger masters viz.
Ledger Name: Shweta Computers
Under Group: Sundry Debtors
Ledger Name: Tally Solutions
Under Group: Sundry Debtors

Step 2
Next, we exported the Ledger Masters using option "Display -> List of Accounts -> Alt+E" and selected option "Ledgers". This exported all the Ledger Masters into MASTER.XML file

Step 3
Next, we created another Company named "Company B"

Step 4
Next, we tried importing Masters data into "Company B" using the option "Gateway of Tally -> Import Masters". The other options were kept as given below:-

Import File Name: C:\tally\Master.xml
Treatment of entries already existing: Ignore Duplicates
Format : Tally XML format

RESULT - Situation 1
To our surprise, no Master was imported into "Company B"

We repeated the all the steps as mentioned in Situation 1, except for these changes in Step 2:-

Step 2
After exporting the Masters data from Company A, we closed that Company. i.e. "Company A". Rest of the steps were same as that given in Situation 1, and hence are not given here again.

RESULT - Situation 2
Two new Masters were imported into "Company B". viz
a) Shweta Computers
b) Tally Solutions

We tried using the Ignore Duplicate feature both manually and programmatically and found that it works when a single Company is open, but does not work if two or more Companies are open.