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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tally Integration with Java

In the recent past, we have received several queries from Customers inquiring about whether the RTSLink DLL can be used in Java for Tally Integration.

In this respect, please note the following:-
1) RTSlink DLL cannot be used with Java.
2) However, Shweta Computers can provide customized solutions for Integrating Java Applications with Tally Software.

Please write to sales @ rtslink. com (remove spaces) for more information on integrating Java applications with Tally 9.


Anonymous said...

I Want to access my Tally 9 server licence on vpn over internet? if 'yes' how it is possible


Shweta Computers said...

Shweta Softwares can provide cutomized solution for accessing Tally 9 server on VPN over Internet.

அறிவன்#11802717200764379909 said...

Hello Tally Experts,
We have some issues on using 7.2.

Is there any way to filter only item masters having stock quantity only to be exported while splitting company data,into new company code.
Means,when splitting company,we want to avoid masters which doesn't have stock quantity..

Please help.

Appreciating your email to en.madal@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

We are a government organisation, running Tally 9 ERP (Multi User ) . We have both receipt and payment entries. We supect data / voucher deletion as a deliberate action. We want to maintain a complete log system on user basis and an admin interface to monitor which user is doing what. Can it be done?