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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

User-Defined Collection - RTSAllVouchers

RTSAllVouchers is a User-defined collection that we shall be using in many of our programs. Hence, the source code is once again provided herewith for your reference:-

;; PRODUCT: RTSAllVouchers
;; PRODUCT-ID: cc307cfa-1d7f-4f9a-92f8-xde60a2943be
;; AUTHOR: Shweta Computers
[Collection: RTSAllVouchers]
Type: Voucher
IsODBCTable: Yes
1) Create a plain TXT file using Notepad with the above code.
2) Copy the file to C:\Tally folder.
3) Make changes in Tally.ini for include the above file. Refer the article "How to use plain TXT files to customize Tally ?" for more information.

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Anonymous said...

can we have the AllVouchers Collection compiled please?